Friday, March 9, 2007

Pick of the Weekend

Blargh! Still no "real" posts...I've been busy busy busy with stupid stupid work and right now I'm on a lunch break having some of my girlfriend Kellie's award winning matzo ball soup. Delicious. Luckily I do have time to recommend - and later tonight (Friday) feast my ears upon - the best show in Columbus this weekend, Blues Control at Cafe Bourbon St. Their Riverboat Styx cassette from last year was one of those weird, unidentifiable masterpieces that hypnotized me into hitting repeat daily. The Queens guitar and keys/beats duo are extensively touring their Puff long-player recently issued on Woodsist, and according to a recent Siltblog post the new vinyl is a doozy as well. Lax gives it his highest recommendation, which means it will likely be out of print before they reach Austin. So for those of you still in town, go check 'em out tonight and get that record! They'll be sharing the stage with locals Celldim Frequencies and Toledo's premiere noisemakers Puffy Areolas. And if you don't live in Ohio be sure to check out Blues Control elsewhere, as they're tearin' up the Midwest throughout March, including, of course, SXSW.


Doug said...

Damn, what a show. Blues Control were totally perfect. Hazy, psychedelic...wonderful stuff. Dude was playing 2 walkmen through a board and the girl was a complete virtuoso on the keys. In the words of my good friend Plankster: "perfect".

Puffy Areolas were pretty sweet, at times had me thinking we had our very own Hawkwind right here in Ohio...but they ended up playing 20 minutes too long and then unloaded all of their gear RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STAGE. And left it there throughout the Control set. I know the show was poorly attended and all, but don't do that. It's rude.

Anyway, BC were unreal and you really should dig it soon.

English @ BGSU said...

Hey Doug,

Sorry you thought we were being rude...but the CBS is pretty small and we didn't know where else to put our shit. Thanks for the props tho'...:)


Doug said...

Ah, it's cool. I shouldn't have written that, i was just a little disappointed in the turnout of that show mostly.
Hey, Puffys, if you're reading this, is there any way one of you could send me a cdr or tape of some of your material. I really liked the sets I've seen at bourbon st., and i asked for something at the last show but you said you didn't bring any. It'd be appreciated.

dicktone said...

Thanks...we're working on it. What's your address?