Saturday, March 3, 2007

Up Yours, Old Man Winter.

Hey all. Whats up? Just laying low here, nursing a cold and cursing the return to bad weather before I go out tonight and see the Feelers/El Jesus/Pink Reason/TNV show in Columbus, but I wanted to give you a little view on things in general at the hq. If reviews have been a little slim as of late, it's probably because of our new puppy, Devo, has consumed about 98% of my attention over the last three weeks. Look how damn cute he is:

He was sick with pneumonia when we got him, so it's been a long road to recovery that is finally coming to an end. Stop by sometime and say hello.
In other blog news, there are a few good ones that I feel you should be pointed to. First is Sir Dustin White's Electric Pure Land, a little something he started while out in Los Angeles prepping for a tour with Sea Wolf. He's only three posts in but it looks promising. Today he slams Explosions in the Sky, which is awesome. More slams, Dusty.
Also, you all should be regularly checking out Jay Hinman's newest internet venture, Detailed Twang, one of my favorite spots in the whole interworld. His most recent (re)post is on Mike Rep, mp3 provided. Bookmark that fucker!
Finally, and I know most of you couldn't care less...the week's rotation. Expect at least two of these to be reviewed next week, with more to come soon.

Tim Buckley - Lorca
Pink Reason - Cleaning the Mirror
Sapat - Mortoise and Tenon
Conrad Schnitzler - Conrad and Sohn
Stone Harbour - Emerges
Hugs and Kisses - Casualties of Happiness
Columbus Discount's upcoming singles
Sword Heaven/Lambsbread - Split LP
Amolvacy - Ho Ho Kus
Tall Dwarfs - Weeville
Dub Specialist - Bionic Dub and Dub Store Special
Pharoah Sanders - Thembi
Wooden Shjips - Live at Cafe Du Nord
Mirrors - Hands In My Pockets
Panda Bear - Person Pitch
Airway - Live at Lace
VA - Treasure Isle Presents: Tribute to Peckings
Klaus Schulze - Cyborg

See you soon...In the meantime, what have you been listening to?


Matt said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh, "do" Weeville!

seanzilla said...

pink reason cd
the new cdr singles
bizarros/rubber city rebels split lp
v3 unrboken silence tape
hole class tape
the stapler live sloth tape
slicing grandpa electric shitstorm lp
new dino j
debris static disposal cd
bippp (comp)lp
lilli berlin huh huh lp
tnv - paisley reich
sword heaven fan death tape
vertical slit - your wife is licking my strobelight tape
el jesus cd

seanzilla said...

...and some of that creel pone stuff (but only when it gets real dark and quiet in the studio)mf

mike carney said...

throbbing gristle - 20 jazz funk greats
soft circle - full bloom
boxcutter - Oneiric
Burial - burial
Psychic ills - dins
alice coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda
Black lips - Los Valientes Del Mondo Nuevo
TNV - The Paisley Reich
Boredoms - super roots 7
Deathly Fighter - 4 track recordings

Doug said...

can't wait to hear some deathly fighter 4-tracks. factory-sealed cassettes?
oh, and sean, if you haven't heard that stone harbour lp you need to get on slsk tonight.

electric pure land said...

I got an LP bootleg on that Stone Harbour record last time I was in Austin...
fuck fuck fuck!
amazing jamz.

Review that! I still cant figgure out some of what is going on there and would like a 2nd opinion.

Doug said...

so it was you who told me about that one a while back...?! i remember hearing about it and then tj lax was telling me at the reichfest how great it was. makes sense.

electric pure land said...

'prolly wuz.
when i got back from austin i was raving about that record and dying to talk to anybody about it -- as its just so covered with gauze that I was curious other peoples opinions.
so yeah..
lay yerz on me, dawg.