Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Population: One

Mission statement. This blog is for me. And for you. But I need to write more and I care a lot about local and regional and national music, among other things, and this is where I'll write my thoughts about them. I call it Population: Doug because I tend to be an asshole and I wouldn't want to drag anyone else into the mess that my opinions might get me in. I'll try and focus on stuff coming out of Columbus, Ohio and to a lesser extent the state of Ohio but I can't promise anything. Surely I'll be writing about Taiwanese occult-folk in a matter of weeks. And I won't narrow my focus to things in the now, because I like a lot of old music...especially old Ohio rock music. Also, I really like music from the future. So hopefully this will be an all-future blog. But who knows. If you'd like me to review, preview, overview, talk about, talk to, or scream at anything by you: the reader, please send or drop off to:

Population: Doug
239 Kingsland Ave.
Apt. 1R
Brooklyn, NY 11222

email me: meisdoug at