Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Something smells. Oh, it's Bourbon St.

Pink Reason @ Cafe Bourbon St.
Friday, Jan. 12th

I'm gonna take it easy on myself and start out with a nice show preview that nobody will read. But this may just be remembered as one of the best shows of the year in my book, and nothing is gonna top that sweet flyer. I'm handing out best flyer awards already. Anyway, Pink Reason are coming to town this Friday for the first time and I'm freaking excited. The Wisconsin one man-plus create smart, woozily-dark four minute songs that wouldn't be out of place in early 80's Manchester or anytime, Ohio. After a killer 7" last year they are geared up for a full-length, Cleaning the Mirror, on Siltbreeze in early February, among a slew of other releases. They'll be supported on a tour for that record by Columbus' own Psychedelic Horseshit, who've recently tasted the sweet nectar of floor sleeping and stale cigarettes on a mini-tour with my little bro's band Times New Viking (in support of their hot new split 7" on 300%). The TNVers are also psyched about a new album on Siltbreeze, The Paisley Reich, also out Feb. 5th, which will be their last release before starting up their newly inked deal with Matador. Congratulations, pals.
Wow. These bands are busy and will be for the remainder of '07. We're not going to get 3 Horseshit shows a week anymore. And when's the last time you can say you watched 3 Siltbreeze bands on the same bill? Rounding it out will be Sunshine/Moonshine Room, a new project from the makers of the Grave Blankets. Their newly posted songs on myspace sound nice so make sure and get there early.

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