Wednesday, March 14, 2007

CDR Singles Bonanza

After months of hibernation, contemplation and underground perspiration, the boys at Columbus Discount have emerged with four new singles, a new look (changed the logo and label art design) and a showcase at SXSW this upcoming weekend in Austin. What's really kept Misters Holesapple and Smith busy lately has been a long-term move of their Columbus Discount Recording Studio, a transition that not only quadruples the studio's square footage but also positions them to make big moves in Rontown, USA. Muscle like theirs will be of good use in Olde Town East. Look for it to be finished by mid-Spring.
Smith and Holesapple have been rather occupied with Necropolis as well, who have a new drummer - Mat Bisaro - in tow on their Stumpf 7" and utilize the last recordings with old drummer Kyle Heiberger on their Song For a Working Man 7". The songs on Working Man (lovingly fucked with by Mike Rep) are, fittingly, closer to the original Necropolis template - buzzy, pounding art-punk fronted by local record impresario Bo Davis and his collection of howls. Stumpf's songs are much leaner by comparison - both songs combine for a total of just over four minutes of music - and benefit from the tense guitar noise and fat-trimmed writing. Tightly wound B-Side "Van v. Art" is the winner out of all four tracks, the sound of a band refreshed and ready to pounce on any unsuspecting douchebag.
El Jesus De Magico's vinyl debut, the LGNO 7'', also showcases a
leaner, meaner band moving into a new phase. Recorded at drummer Mike O' Shaughnessy's family funeral home in downtown Columbus, these three songs have the humid, eerie sound you'd expect to come out of such locales. They play like five mystics toiling through a swamp, especially Dave Capaldi and Anthony Allman on guitar and keys, respectively. The two lead each song like dueling snake charmers marching behind shaman Jon Whitzky with a rhythm section controlling the hovercraft across the bayou. This is Columbus on drugs...any questions? Power plays to get you through to that point just before the sun rises.
Last but certainly not least is the official debut (a demo tape, recorded by Jared Phillips, had been circulating for a few years now) from Night of Pleasure in the form of the Godard vs. Truffaut 7". It's the most "Columbus" sounding thing CDR has put out probably ever, which if you've been paying attention is quite a feat. Three tracks of varying fidelity, all pushed to maximum redness with plenty of swing and speed like the Turks loved to do it. Singer Jim Cowman sounds like a classic Cbus frontman: muffled, literate and pissed at your utter stupidity. Pick this one up if you forgot where the best punk scene of the 90's existed. In fact pick up all of these babies and get a really nice taste of this particular piece of pie from the broad bakery that is Columbus Today.
They'll be selling these first in Austin, as the CDR hoodlums take over the Light Bar Saturday night. I'm sure that something formal in town will take place once they all return. I'm not sure what the distribution will be so for those out of town go to the CDR site or hang tight and I'll let you know which online retailers will be carrying them.

PS: here's a note that Adam S. sent me about the artwork and such:

"Here is the art. The scan isn't doing the el jesus one justice. There is a state of ohio notary embossed stamp on all of them and they are all different. The colored NOP singles (100) all have different, hand done ink paintings in the style of the one I sent you. **** did the Necropolis and the NOP covers, but I think he wants it to be a secret. We don't have art for the Nec-Rep session single yet."

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