Sunday, September 16, 2007

BAM!....the Essence of Siltbreeze

2007 has been a banner year for Philadelphia's Siltbreeze Records and will continue to be up until year's end, but if you want a taste of their most truly classic release of the year put down your energy drinks and go find xNOBBQx's new record. Imagine the Harry Pussy catalog played by "a couple of flailing monkeys, constipated on McDonald's", dubbed to cassette as cheaply and quickly as possible and you've got "ex no barbeque ex". Are they vegan? Are their parents related? Do they not have color copiers down under? These are the only questions I have after playing Sunshine of Your Love, because it's about as nuanced as a couple of wasps in a ziplock bag.

But really, this is the sort of album that should have all the old lo-fi heads frothing like a pack of hungry dingos and the newbies as confused as your mother at a Dead C show. You can't help but think this is what the voices in Tom Lax's head sound like: a new language of primitive psycho-babble spoken in guitar and drum stabs, greasy Australian philosophy shouted into the corner of an abandoned warehouse. I was certain the album consisted of two side-long tracks but apparently there are fourteen in total. Fourteen variations of a single idea, pressed into a slab of tofu and shoved into a black and white sleeve. Watch for yourself:

Your best bet is to visit Less than 500 copies available.

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Anonymous said...

how did you get that album so fast? i liked it too, sounded like merce cunningham & jasper johns fellating john cage through a hemp dental dam. all that protein, wow, who get's it?