Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Send Me Stuff

Somebody please send me money to buy a new receiver. Or send me a bat to beat up my old one so that I am forced to get a new one.

I'm off to the local pawn shops to haggle with dudes over stolen electronics.

While I'm at it, here's my new address. Send me stuff. Concealed cash is fine:

239 Kingsland Ave. 1R
Brooklyn, NY 11222


Greg of Tibet said...

Maybe I'll send you that Sparks record you wish you haven't given me. Oh wait got nothing to play it on.

Doug said...

You could do that. I am still kicking myself...but as long as you're still enjoying it, we're cool!

Send me a Tibet Tapes CDR though.

Hinze said...

I've got one at my parent's. Old as shit though.

jkickbright said...

That's the exact model my family had growing up. I loved the clicks when you turn the knobs.