Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guide to GG Allin, Parts I and II

This is the kind of stuff the internet was made for. Terminal Boredom has finally posted the second half to Jason Litchfield's Guide to GG Allin. Litchfield, an obvious GG collector scum extraordinaire, has posted just about everything you need to know about Allin's releases from 1977 up until the beginning of the reissue process (and his soaring international infamy) in 1987. He's included detailed cover artwork scans and release info all tied together chronologically with fascinating GG history. Awesome job, Jason.

Part I
Part II

No values? Sounds familiar. Let's hope that Christopher Lasch, set to release his debut single next year, pays close attention to Mr. Allin's career arc. After all, GG's brother Merle was in the Cheater Slicks for a brief stint. I predict an Unholy 2 defecation on stage by Spring '08.


verticalphil said...

oh god i hope not doug. do you know how long it would take to get those pants off?

Anonymous said...

what?? GG Allin shoot drugs? thats for lower junkies he shmoke and snort dope!!!

wilson gil said...

no, gg shot dope in my living room
in sf when he stayed with us ,
he was a smart intense guy(and a great song writer) but nothing was off limits !
he stayed with us a couple times
it was always interesting to say the least ,we took him back to our place to clean him up alittle after his infamous covered wagon show, we had his blood smeared on the hallway wall for years after that!
wilson gil