Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Catatonia Is Taking Me Home

Right now I'm really tired of every Dick and Jane trying to profit off of "indie" music. So it's totally refreshing to find a band like CATATONIC YOUTH who have not only given away copies of their debut cdep/poster (now out of print) but are now giving away their songs on myspace. Four songs are available on their page - did you even know that little download link could be used? Fuck streaming. Yay free.
Anyway, based on these four songs alone Catatonic Youth are one of my favorite new bands of the year. From the sound of it they're/he's/it's a one-man jams band utilizing supreme guitar riffage, really basic drum machine runs and some maniacally echoed vocals.
The sound has plenty of the Keith Morris/Darby west-coast fuck-it vibe butting up against primitive Suicide utility, with a bit of blue-collar glam tossed in. Rodney Bingenheimer would dig it for sure. Hozac will be putting to wax what will eventually be called "Piss Scene" but not until early next year which is a bummer because I want this on top of my 7" pile right now. Go and listen friends!


to see dregs said...

this reminds me of a band in sf called YOUNG LADIES. i think it's just one dude. awesome.

Anonymous said...

Being 37 and from the od skool, i can say yeah, they are good, more please. One caveat, and perhaps this is the shame of being older- is the "it's all been done before" syndrome. They sound like a lot of better punk bands from 80-84,so many i can't think of names off the top of my head. Those were the days... i think after 15+ years the cycle is flipping and were heading into another musical "golden era". (hopefully we won't also see the accompanying crack epidemic, hyper inflation, bad hair, global political fascism, hardcore racist/violent gangs). It was all downhill after '84 in my book, lol. (except for wfmu)

rawk rules. enjoy!