Friday, May 4, 2007

There Is Magic in His Beard

I was planning on shaving off my beard sometime this weekend, but, in tribute to Baron Davis and his Golden State Warriors, I will refrain from doing so until they lose a series....

It seems like the NBA has been pulling me back in, slowly but surely, over the past five or six years. Like just about every other American in the 80's and early 90's, I was a huge fan back in the days of Magic vs. Bird, Jordan and Pippen, the Bad Boys and Laimbeer, the dunk contests with Spud Webb and the Human Highlight Reel, all of that. The Golden Era of the NBA, if you will. A lot of things happened for me to lose interest but for the most part I just grew out of league too dependent on glitz and glamour and the individual.
But recently LeBron James and a handful of great young players have made the game exciting again, and for some reason this week I found myself actually caring about an NBA game that didn't feature the Cleveland Cavs and King James. Baron Davis and the Warriors play with such obvious emotion that you can't help from being pulled in and rooting for them. My girlfriend even cared. For more than a few seconds. That he pulls a hamstring and continues to play, scores another 20 points and then bear hug Ronnie Lott only adds to the drama.
Don't ask me what my motivation was behind this post. It's quite possible that it was Baron Davis' hipster beard. Or the fact that I still envy anyone, anywhere who can play basketball, because they are the greatest of athletes. I love it that it's fun to watch the NBA playoffs again. So excuse me during the month of May if I happen to continue this obsession. LeBron and Co. should be playing in the Finals if all goes as planned, and if we're lucky, it won't be against the Suns but a battle against the bearded one from the Bay.


Funky D said...

I thought of this writeup as I watched the end of the game last night (across the bar from your brother). I thought the beard had powered them to the win, but good ol free throws nipped them in the ass. Let's see if the Warriors got any comeback in 'em.

Doug said...

so close. they're a different team at oakland. give them a few wins and the momentum will carry them into the western finals.
ps. i would be more dissapointed if the cavs didn't looks so good.

Funky D said...

Man, I think the momentum from that dunk could carry them to the western finals. Amazing.

And yeah, the heart of the matter is the amazingness of the Cavs. I'm not letting reality get out of control here, don't worry.

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