Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Millions of Def Cops

Listen up, kids. This is what you'll be hearing out of the one-mirrored autos of Washington Beach in Summer 2007. It's Northern Aggression, a cassette EP and the first release by Columbus' Deathly Fighter on their own Def Cop imprint.
Essentially the tape equivalent of a 12" single, with a different version of the same track on each side, Northern Aggression plays out like a skeletal Industrial Records track dubbed out by the Scientist. A thick, analog drum machine beat consumes the entire tape, immediately locking into a groove perfect for a smoked-out midnight cruise. Minimal flashes of synth, tightly controlled guitar waves and loose, liquid bass lines direct the traffic straight to the planet Mars circa 1983.
I've been letting this tape roll in the car since Saturday eve and it just gets better with each drive. Although their recent live shows have been somewhat hit or miss - I witnessed one that sounded like a five-second S.P.K. clip on repeat (a good thing), another that reached moments of greatness but failed to impress the Bourbon St. elite - with Northern Aggression Deathly Fighter could not have brought out a better debut teaser. Cannot wait to hear what comes next.

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