Thursday, February 22, 2007

No More Paisley Underground

The past 18 months have been like a whirlwind for my friends in Times New Viking. I remember wondering, back in late 2005 at their first release show (for both the Busy Making Love & War 7'' and the Dig Yourself LP) at Andyman's Treehouse, if they would ever break out of Ohio and fully realize their potential. I don't think it was ever a question of whether they would continue to do great things - it was obvious then how easily ideas and songs would just flow out of the three of them - it was more an issue of whether the rest of the world would catch on. While those in attendance back then were most likely in-the-know with TNV, I don't think anyone could have predicted what has happened between then and now: a flood of praise for Dig Yourself and the 7'' (from Spin to Wire to every blog worth a damn), their virtual perfection of the 40-minute live rock set, shows with everyone from Mission of Burma to Endless Boogie to Burning Star Core and the ensuing flood of praise for their live show....courting from Fat Possum, Sub Pop and Matador, among others, eventually amounting to a three-album agreement with the label they dreamed of joining back in high school.
But for now it is time for the celebratory, as the band continues their finely-tuned vision this week with Present the Paisley Reich and the Paisley Reich Fest. Many have noted that with the Paisley Reich Times New Viking are saying goodbye to Siltbreeze, the classic experimental label once stagnant (two years ago) but now making a very strong case (already) for label of the year, but I see it as just the opposite. The TNV'ers are eloquently passing the Siltbong from one generation to the next, and they'll be at TJ's side every Spring on draft day. One look at the lineup for Bourbon St. on Saturday night and you'll see a virtual museum of Siltbreeze past present and future, from label vets Ron House (playing a rare solo set) and Mike Rep (whose Siltbreeze classic, Stupor Hiatus Vol. 2 will get the reissue treatment later this year) to future friends Clockclean er (Lax will be doing a 7'' with these Philadelphians) and Psychedelic Horseshit (folky discharges in '07 as well). You also get the triumphant return of the almighty Cheater Slicks, who've been on injured reserve for the better part of a year and are looking to absolutely destroy in '07 with their upcoming full-length Walk Into the Sea. If that's not enough for ya you get our city's premiere noise duo, Sword Heaven, and a set from the hugely entertaining pop-theater-doo-wop crew Hugs and Kisses (with brand new album Casualties of Happiness in tow), who'll be joined by everyones hero, Envelope. If you can't find something to enjoy about this show I feel really bad for you.
As for the actual Paisley Reich release, I'll leave it up to the rest of the world to slobber over its greatness. Let me just say that Jared, Adam and Beth make this look too damn easy, and they should take this weekend to breathe in all the compliments and alcohol and good times, because they've earned it. The world needed a band like this and Times New Viking are more than willing to share the love. They're one of the hardest working bands I've ever seen and this show will be a testament to that.

Saturday, February 24th @ Cafe Bourbon St.
Tentative Line-up:
Mike Rep & the Quotas - 7:30 (happy hour drink specials)
Sword Heaven
Cheater Slicks
Hugs and Kisses/Envelope
Ron House
Psychedelic Horseshit
Times New Viking

Be sure to check back on Sunday with plenty of pictures and commentary.

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